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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation located in Fairless Hills, PA and Trenton, NJ.  We became an official non-profit corporation in April 2009.  We are proud to be a non-profit corporation registered in and serve New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  We are a group of dedicated volunteers that rescue dogs from animal shelters or from owners that can no longer care for their dog. 

We are foster home based and do not place dogs in kennel facilities.  We will take dogs into our care that need extensive medical treatment and nurse them back to health.  We do not accept dogs with a dog bite history regardless of the circumstance.

All of our adoptable dogs are:

* Put through a thorough temperament test

* Altered

* Micro-chipped

* Current with their vaccinations

* On flea/tick preventative

* On heartgard preventative

* Living in a foster home and are monitored by foster families.



BUDDY is the guy that finally turned TSAP into a reality.  He needed surgery and TSAP’s founding members came together originally to raise money for this procedure.  Buddy didn’t end up making it through the difficult surgery, but his legacy lives on through TSAP.  There have been many “Buddy’s” that have benefited from TSAP and our dedication to helping dogs.



Simply – Giving shelter dogs a future. 

Every day dogs are euthanized in shelters across the county.  The Shelter Animal Project tries to save as many dogs as possible by placing them in foster homes until the right family comes along.

The Shelter Animal Project’s Mailing Address:



Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Email: Lisa@TheShelterAnimalProject.com